Our company Marfil Sp. Z o.o. spółka komandytowa is located in Warsaw, Poland.  Since twelve years, we import and wholesale from Italy, Turkey, Austria and Belgium intermediate materials for textile and metal sectors.

FDP Lobe PumpsTwo years ago, Marfil owners made a joint venture in Istanbul/ Turkey , became shareholder in a start up company founded together with an engineer from Istanbul, who has  big experience of lobe pump production and started to produce own patented lobe pumps especially in food and beverage sector.

After success of company in Turkey, now we aim to sell our products in EU with our new brand “FLUSSMANN”, naturally starting from Polish market.

Once we enter to Polish market successfully, our next step is to produce our products in Poland, widen our market range in other EU countries.

FTS Twin Screw PumpsThanks to our innovative reseach&development department, we will enlarge our product portfolio constantly. Till end of 2017, we will add our new products twin pumps and vertical mixers, which are in the test and certification stage at the moment.

Due to need of our clients, we are capable to supply also complimentary products like stainless steel pipe  fittings , and plate heat exchangers.


Flussmann Catalog Flussmann Catalog Twin Screw Pump Twin Screw Pump Catalog
FAD/FAR Bottom Side Entry Agitators FAD/FAR Bottom Side Entry Agitators FAV Vertical Agitator FAV Vertical Agitator
FAP Vertical Agitator FAP Vertical Agitator FVD Vertical Mixer FVD Vertical Mixer
FID Inline Mixer FID Inline Mixer FBD Tank Bottom Mixer FBD Tank Bottom Mixer