Bren Power: Industrial IoT Management Platforms

Since 06.2024 we became partner and EU distributor of Bren Power from Turkey.

They have revolutionary invention to track and analyse streamline system from A till Z instant and online.

Our devices are working with measuring temperature of pipeline from outside, we install them from outside without stopping production or cutting any pipe, charging themselves via heat of pipeline (no cable or battery); simply once we install them very easy, from boiler till valves and steam traps all steam production, losses, repair/change of valves/steam traps, carbon emission calculation and many other trackings can be done in one online platform instantly.

It also enables to end need of periodic calibrations, maintenance, control of each single valve or steam trap units without knowing, which one has problem and since how long time.

In our system, only problem detected device has to be intervened at the needed moment with all historical performance log to decide, whether it has to be repaired or changed.

Energy, production, workmanship, safety manner advantages are obvious.

It also serves in environment friendly and carbon emission calculation way automatically.

Artificial intelligence after 3-4 weeks also start to learn and compare different units performances, which gives users and decision makers to optimise all the streamline policy.

As a result, in one platform at your phone, tablet or computer screen you can track, analyse and compare one line, all lines in one plant, all plants in one country or different plants globally.

After using our technology in different plants, companies started to see and solve less energy efficient production plant’s problems with comparison of other plants’ results.

Meanwhile product is very suitable to get different subsidiaries (eco friendly, AI technology inside, carbon emission, energy saving).

These producers are our direct target group: Paper, carton, tire, cosmetic, pharmacy producers, wine, beer, dairy, fruit juice, dye houses, anodising houses, refineries, gaz and coal power plants.

Simply, whoever has more than 8-10 valves and more than 40-50 steam traps in steam line, needs absolutely our solution.

At the moment there is a big efficiency, control and management problem in this field.

People usually have some flowmeters in boilers, know more or less energy consumption for steam production, all the rest simple estimations and out of control leakages.

We are small shareholder in BrenPower and exclusive distributor in Poland, soon in all Eastern Europe.